Marcy Favila Cashman

Wine Sales & Marketing Consultant

Level 3 Advanced Certificate, WSET

Level 1 Sommelier, CMS

Providing wine and spirits guidance to restaurants, wine boutiques, and private connoisseurs throughout the Greater Sacramento area.


Born and raised in the quaint Northern California town of Live Oak, Marcy ventured to San Francisco State University to pursue a degree in International Business and a minor in Spanish. A pivotal year spent studying abroad in Madrid, Spain opened her eyes to new cultures and flavors, ultimately igniting her passion for wine.

Following graduation, the bustling streets of New York City became her playground, where she immersed herself in advertising, sales, and marketing, specializing within the fine wine & spirits industry. For over a decade, she has honed her craft, cultivating relationships and crafting unforgettable experiences.

As life evolved, she found herself drawn back to her roots, seeking the serenity and community of her hometown. Now nestled back in Live Oak, she has found the perfect backdrop to raise her family and to bring her expertise and global perspective to our local community.